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“I don’t know anybody with a more innate instinct for storytelling than Tara Samuel. All my past and future scripts have and shall always be graced withTara‘s fingerprints. If you need guidance on your writing, look no further.” – Samuel Zvibleman, award-winning screenwriter IMAGINE THE MOON, screenwriter/producer THE SOUND AND THE SHADOW, screenwriter & director, THE RWANDA BLEND, GABRIEL & ROMY, co-writer & director, KAREN OF GOD, director THE NEDDEAUS OF DUQESNE ISLAND, LITTLE THINGS.

“Tara Samuel,  you are a one-woman wrecking ball for Writer’s Gridlock.”

“Can’t tell you what a wonderful difference you made, Tara Samuel. I highly recommend this in-person method. Your infectious enthusiasm is contagious, and that is priceless.”
– Gina Ronhovde, screenwriter, FAMILY REUNION

“Tara is my absolute go-to person for all of my scripts. She not only has an infectious passion for great storytelling, but she has this uncanny, natural ability to see problems and invent creative solutions to fix them.” – Samuel Zvibleman, award-winning screenwriter IMAGINE THE MOON, screenwriter/producer THE SOUND AND THE SHADOW, screenwriter THE RWANDA BLEND.

“Tara has a remarkable talent for seeing the big picture and the minutiae of a script all at the same time. She has given me script notes that blew my mind with the depth that they drew out of me as a writer, making the action and dialogue in each scene resonate with the overall theme. Her experience as an actor and producer are also huge assets in terms of analyzing scripts for performance, believability, and do-ability. With her help, one of my comedy scripts Male Order was shortlisted for the Austin Film Festival screenplay competition.” – Paula Tiberius, writer-director “Goldirocks”, screenwriter “Male Order”, “Bitch Magnet”, novelist “The Cowboy Singer”, blog writer “Paula Tiberius.com”

“If you take someone truly gifted at script notes and story ideas and you cram them into a Red Bull can of energy and support – you’ve got Tara Samuel. Her ebullience is merely an attempt to distract from her brilliance – but it doesn’t work!”  – Jon Rannells – writer/director, “Ruby Booby”, “Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal”

“Tara Samuel is not just a writer, she is a storyteller. An asset to any novel, screenplay, or song. Tara’s creative wisdom, emotional clarity, unrelenting perseverence and personal authenticity will elevate any story to a higher level of excellence.”Andrew Pinon, screenwriter “Last Wish”, “Off The Ledge”

“Tara has the remarkable ability to see the “big picture” when the writer is lost in the details and can help you divine the true story you are telling.  She also has an innate sense of character and an extraordinary talent for taking mediocre dialogue and making it smart, funny and nuanced.  She is the first person I go to with my scripts and she gives me the confidence I need to dive back in and move the project forward.”Kathryn Winslow, screenwriter, “Downtown Mrs.Brown”

“Tara’s feedback has been invaluable to the story development on four of my scripts (Reliance, The Caftan Club, Absolving Grace, Empty).  Even when all she had to say was, “make it.”  Which I did.”  – Darrow Carson, MFA, founder Aboutstage, NY, produced playwright and screenwriter “Missing Tonto”, “Empty”.

“Tara’s honest, enthusiastic, detailed notes were invaluable to me. Exceptional understanding of overall story arc. She gave me the boost I needed to take my screenplay, ‘Bang Baby Bang’, from “good” to “GREAT!”  She’s a gem. I’ll be using her again, and again.” – Gareth Bennett – Screenwriter, “Bang Baby Bang”

“Tara has been a close partner on several of my scripts.  Her understanding of story and character has really helped me to create much more depth and added texture to all aspects of my scripts.  Her notes are always very insightful, forcing me to take a step back and see my stories from a whole new, better perspective. I believe she is a remarkable talent and I’m excited to have her on my team.” – Andrew Ahn, Screenwriter, “The Good Life”, “Summer Vacay“; Writer-Director, “Biggz”; Co-Producer, “Ruby Booby”

“Tara’s genuine and seemingly limitless enthusiasm for what she does mixes with encouragement, insight & diplomacy in perfect dose. That type of vibe will help any writer move to the next level, whatever stage you are at.” – Jay J. Levy – Writer/Director/Producer, “Dirty Magazines!”



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  1. Wow! The incredibly multi-talented Tara Samuel does it again! Hurrah to all her help with our writers new and old, emerging and established. More ART. more stories, more creativity = more humanity! More than ever earthlings need stories to hold onto and grow! WE look forward to reading more!

    Go Diva Productions Inc.

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