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When I receive your writing, I sit down and read it very slowly and carefully. And I make notes. I sink into your own personal storytelling style and vision. I look for what I love in your work; I zero in on the themes in your work. Most importantly, I look for opportunities to care more profoundly about your story and its inhabitants. This is how your work will find its audience.

My process: As I progress through your story, I go back, review my own notes, then move forward again. I am always moving forward, backward then forward again. A full length screenplay takes me 8-10 hrs. A treatment for a novel takes me the same amount of time. Likewise with a play. A draft of a novel would take longer – we can discuss your needs. Generally, I spend two to three afternoons on a first-read of a project, all the while making notes. I love to “sleep on it” – so I need two days, minimum, to give you my best work.

I will give you approximately 8-10 pages of typed notes. They will pertain to specific scenes and characters, but will always support the overall rhythm of your story. Rhythm of story is everything. These notes are meticulously considered, to ensure they clarify, enhance and enrich the story you are telling. And most importantly, I take care that we are both inspired. What thrills me about this process is exciting you, and ultimately your readers.

There are people out there waiting to be moved by your work. Let’s get your writing to its audience.

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  1. Fantastic website! I love how your radiant energy shines through it. Can’t wait to watch it thrive with a proliferation of ecstatic writers, many more awards… and I’m sending you my script!!!!

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